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The famous gloriette of Schoenbrunn Palace. The left part of the building is visible, as is the centre. Before that, tourists are climbing the small hill
The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra in front of Schoenbrunn Palace Vienna
View of Schoenbrunn Palace Vienna in winter. In the foreground, snow on the hedge and trees
The tourist attraction Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna. The palace is to the right, two tourists taking a photo of the garden on the left
Music stand of the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra in the Orangery. In the background, the round arches of the Orangery
Schoenbrunn Palace Vienna in the background, the fountain filled with water in the foreground
Schoenbrunn Palace Vienna, with the park in front. The photo was taken from the hill of the gloriette
The beautifully arranged garden of Schoenbrunn Palace in springtime with lavish flower arrangements in the park
Schoenbrunn Orangery Palace - event venue for classical concerts in the Orangery. In the foreground, the musicians of the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra, in the centre the dancing couple, with the audience behind